Check Presentation January 31st 2018 | Freeport

Givngo Fuel Launch Video 2017
July 28, 2017
Floral Park Check Presentation
March 28, 2019

GIVNGO’s 1st check presentation as part of a soon to be national campaign to support local charities in the communities they serve.

The check cutting presentation consisted of members from PinkTie1000, the owners of Kardesh Fuel and recipients, 1 in 9, Bayview Ave PTA and Caroline G. Atkinson PTA. 1 in 9 received a check for three thousand dollars to help support clients in Freeport, The Bayview Ave PTA and The Caroline G. Atkinson PTA received one thousand five hundred dollars which will support Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) and the science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) programs.

Photography by: Alex M Wolff for Concierge Photography