“If more people realized that giving back would not only grow their business but also make them feel good because of the positive impact they are making in their community, I think the world would be a better place. This is a remarkable opportunity for people to give back and support local charities.
1 gallon at a time from Long Island to across America!”

Mike Cave, Founder of PinkTie.org and PinkTie 1000
Just Give and Go! The simplest way to positively impact local communities, making a donation by filling their gas tank. For every gallon pumped at participating gas stations, a portion of proceeds will be given to the PinkTie 1000 Foundation, a 501c3. In turn, funds will be donated to local charities every quarter. If 100,000 gallons are pumped in a month, $1,000.00 will be raised towards a donation to local charities!

What began as a small business networking effort with a charitable bent has become the backbone of Long Island’s fastest-growing philanthropy movement – a collaborative effort uniting top attorneys, realtors, sports icons, celebrities and other representatives of the Northeast’s corporate elite. In addition to the high-profile participants, Signature Pink Ties autographed by athletes and celebrities are framed and auctioned off at PinkTie.org’s events, bringing further awareness to the local philanthropic efforts they support.

Founded in 2012 by Mike Cave, PinkTie.org was built on the methodology of growing personally and professionally through giving back and building a strong presence in the community. This and other PinkTie.org philanthropic efforts, capture the true spirit of Long Islanders joining together in the fight against diseases that disproportionately affect our loves ones.

To learn more about how you can be a part of the fastest growing charitable networking organization visit PinkTie.org or PinkTie1000.org.